We believe in a world where

all people have access to equal, high-quality, innovative, affordable healthcare.

OnKai, Inc. is a US-based technology company led by a unique team that combines decades of experience in public health care, medical innovation, complex process digitalization, design thinking, software development, and growing tech startups.

Noam Smetana

Cofounder & CEO

Amikam Levanon


Cofounder & COO

Charlyn Belluzzo

(ScMD, MBA, PhD)

Global Public Health Officer

Daniel Steenstra

(Drs. Med, Prof)

Chief Scientist

Amir Kunst


Tali Gorfine

(MD, PhD)

Chief Medical Officer

John Oidtman

Clinical Trials Strategy

Ran Kunst

VP Product Design

Catherine Oidtman

Grants and Foundation Strategy

Lihi Laskar Dangoor

Head of Training Development

Allen Baharaff

Board Member

Doron Cohen



Kirk Taylor


Medical Affair & Policy

Iris Ginzburg


Community Solutions

Wayne Duffus


Prevention & Infectious Disease

Chris Shelton


Director, Acquisition & Development

Inbar Shmuelevitz

Medical Researcher

Ron LaBruzzo

Strategic Financial Partner

Arthur Stark

Strategic Advisor

Edward Sondik


National Health Data

Gerald Malone

Policy and Governance

Patrick Barwise

(PhD, Prof)

Market Dominance Strategy

Mitzi Joi Williams


Clinical Research Policy

Terry Bresnick


Decision Analytics

Arie Shen


Business Development

Erez Lapsker

Medical Solutions Marketing

John Erkoyuncu

(PhD, Prof)

Professor in Digital Engineering

Richard Farley


Human Resource

Kurt Shweigman

Native American Public Health

Sam Riehn


SBIR Grants

David Willox

Business Development