Charlyn Belluzzo

(ScMD, MBA, PhD) | Global Public Health Officer

Maximizing the impact of your resources

Discover the revolutionary potential of OnKai in transforming your foundation’s philanthropic approach.

Our innovative platform harnesses the power of sophisticated data analytics to highlight the most pertinent insights and trends emerging from free and affordable clinics, catering to the underserved communities across the United States.

By centralizing and standardizing a wealth of information and encompassing crucial metrics and measurable outcomes, OnKai empowers your foundation to make data-driven decisions that contribute lasting, positive change.

We meticulously track the short- and long-term effects of each donated dollar, enabling you to optimize the allocation of funds and resources in real time.

Our active Smart Grid forms symbiotic relationships between the diverse stakeholders in healthcare to create transformative change over time.

This enables foundations to leverage and combine their investment with others, such as pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.

Our commitment to transparency and collaboration extends beyond financial support; by fostering strong partnerships between your grantees and others, we encourage the establishment of sustainable, synergistic funding sources and revenue streams. Make a lasting impact on the lives of underserved communities by aligning your philanthropic ventures with the unprecedented capabilities of OnKai.

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